" ...the best microbudget movie I've ever seen."
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HMF Radio interviews Dave Reda
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" ...a funny bone tickling torture film unashamed of its own hilarity."
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" ...definitely interesting."
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Horror Fanatics interviews Dave Reda
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" ...pretty damned funny, bloody, and certainly entertaining."
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"A great late night horror flick."
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" ...a sick and twisted gore flick that harkens back to the good old days ..."
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" ...a voyage of twisted mental depravity ..."
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" ...Once again the independent scene has not failed me ..."
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" ...both deeply disturbing and entirely entertaining ..."
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" ...a melange of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel and a Hardy Boys adventure ..."
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" ...one pretty exciting ride ..."
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Evil Dread interviews Dave Reda
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"BIT PARTS get cut in new shocker"
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" ...a playful pastiche of Psycho and Eyes Without a Face"
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"Bit Parts will resonate with gorehounds ..."
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